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Trauma and Fractures

Mend your fractured bones

Because a sudden injury is never planned, getting timely, skilled treatment means everything. So when every moment counts, Dr. Taba, and our team of skilled staff are here to help. We treat patients of all ages, ad we can see urgent needs within 24 to 48 hours, or sooner if needed.

Our doctors are some of the most qualified orthopedic specialists in the Plano area. We offer the latest equipment and a wide range of treatments in a positive, patient-comfort-focused environment. By repairing your fracture using state-of-the-art techniques, Advanced Orthopedics’ specialists will help restore your independence and help you get back to the activities you enjoy.

Caring for the hardest tissues in the human body

Bones are the hardest tissues in your body. Although bones are strong, they can split or break under too much pressure or force. A broken bone is also called a fracture. Fractures can occur in a variety of ways. The most common causes of fractures are injuries, prolonged stress from overuse, and bone-weakening diseases such as osteoporosis or tumors.

There are many types of fractures. They can range from a hairline crack to a bone that has broken into several pieces. Simple fractures may only require casting or splinting treatments. More complex fractures may need surgical intervention to align the bones for proper healing.

As an adult, you have over 200 bones in your body. Your bones vary in size and shape. For instance, your arms and legs contain long bones. A series of small bones, called vertebrae, make up your spine. Very small bones form your hands and feet. Some of your bones have curves, including your ribs and skull. All of your bones line up and connect to form your skeleton.

In addition to creating your body structure, your bones are live tissues that produce blood cells, form joints with muscles for movement, and protect your internal organs. Your bones change and grow like the other parts of your body.

A skilled orthopedic surgeon helps you get back to the life you enjoy

Treatment for a fracture depends on the type of fracture and the bones involved. The goal of treatment is to align the fractured bones to allow them to heal. When a bone is fractured, it produces a protective blood clot and callus at the ends of the bone, which create new bone cells and blood vessels that grow toward each other. Once the fracture is healed or closed, the callus is absorbed.

Your doctor will use your X-ray as a guide to “set,” or position, your bones. Some bones can be kept in place with a cast while they heal. The cast keeps the bones from moving. The hard surface of the cast protects the injury. Casts are made of a variety of materials. They are usually worn for about one to two months, depending on the type of fracture and the bone involved.

Restoring your health and function safely and quickly

Our ultimate goal is to restore your health and function so you can get back to sports, work, and normal activities and the life you love, as quickly and safely as possible.

Our comprehensive trauma and fracture care includes:

  • Spinal fractures to finger fractures
  • Bracing and casting
  • External and internal fixation
  • Minimally invasive plating techniques
  • Intramedullary rodding techniques
  • Post-fracture care

For prompt care of a sudden injury or fracture, contact the friendly staff of Advanced Orthopedics at (972) 964-2626 or use our online appointment request form.

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